About Nuvora

Dedicated to the Advancement of Oral Care

Nuvora was formed in 2007 by a team of experienced drug delivery experts to develop and commercialize oral care products based on the patented SuRe™ (Sustained Release) drug delivery technology.


SuRe TM is Superior to Conventional Oral Care Technologies

Dentists and hygienists have always known that optimal oral care is dependent on the length of time ingredients stay active in the mouth. The longer an ingredient is active in the mouth the better it is at fighting bacteria, plaque, bad breath or gum disease. But, conventional oral care products, such as toothpaste or mouthwashes, are only active for a few minutes before they are either expelled or washed away by saliva. As a result, harmful plaque bacteria or bad breath causing bacteria can grow again soon after these products are used. This is where SuRe is different. The sustained release characteristics of the SuRe technology allows for extended delivery of oral care ingredients.

Transforming Oral Hygiene

Following months of extensive tests at leading Universities, our researchers developed a small, soft, pliable lozenge that rests comfortably in the mouth where it releases active ingredients, not for seconds or a few minutes, but for hours at a time. This new method of delivering oral care ingredients has shown to be more efficient and effective than conventional technologies.

Research confirmes that oral care lozenges:
  • Fight specific conditions like dry mouth or halitosis
  • Kill more germs than the leading mouth rinse
  • Inhibit bacteria growth
  • Maintains healthy teeth and gums
  • Neutralize acidic pH
  • Provide long lasting fresh breath