New Patented Longest Lasting Lozenge Technology

Dentist Recommended for Dry Mouth Relief and Oral Hygiene

Available in Peppermint, Wintergreen or Lemon (Sensitive)

  • Xanthan gum for that moist mouth feel
  • Zinc to capture odor causing sulfur compounds
  • Xylitol and peppermint to kill more bacteria longer
  • Bicarbonate to neutralize cavity causing acids
  • Calcium to help re-mineralize tooth enamel

Moisten your mouth all day ( and night )

Patented Sustained Release Technology (SuRe®)

Developed by Scientists and Dentists

Most Dry Mouth Lozenges and Tablets are Erosive Except Salese

In a report by Delgado, College of Dentistry, University of Florida, use of lozenges or tablets by ACT, TheraBreath, Med Active, Hagar Pharma, Smart Mouth, DenTek, CVS RiteAid, and Cotton Mouth, resulted in causing an acidic pH in the mouth. Dentin tooth loss is associated with high titratable acidity and low pH. Salese was the clear exception that did not cause an acidic condition in the mouth.

Potential Erosive Assessment of Dry Mouth Lozenges and Tablets on Dentin

Long lasting mint lozenge

Restores Moist Mouth Feel for Hours

Salese is a soft, long-lasting mint lozenge that continuously releases a natural ingredient to restore a moist mouth feel for hours. An additional ingredient provide a fresh odor free mouth for the longest time by capturing odor causing compounds. Other ingredients kill and reduce bacteria in the mouth and neutralize acids from bacteria which causes tooth decay. Salese was developed by scientists who are experts in sustained release technology. They worked with dentists who are experts in dry mouth and oral hygiene.

As you move the lozenge around in the mouth, it slowly dissolves to release an ingredient to restore the moist mouth feel. The technology allows the incorporation of multiple ingredients to give a complete breath freshening and oral hygiene experience. Salese also has a natural ingredient to capture and eliminate odor causing sulfur compounds. Salese’s continuous release of xylitol provides optimal reduction of bacteria; a xylitol candy lozenge gives a single dose of xylitol which is then ingested and thus not available for inhibiting bacterial growth. Peppermint is antibacterial, but only in sufficient amounts; only Salese provides this benefit. Bacteria secretes acids which causes cavities; only Salese provides an acid neutralizing natural ingredient. Only Salese provides added calcium for re-mineralizing tooth enamel.

Users of Salese who have had cavity problems associated with dry mouth have reported significant improvements when they started using Salese. Salese contains an ingredient designed to eliminate acidity in the mouth.