Most Dry Mouth Lozenges and Tablets are Erosive Except Salese

In a report by Delgado, College of Dentistry, University of Florida, use of lozenges or tablets by ACT, TheraBreath, Med Active, Hagar Pharma, Smart Mouth, DenTek, CVS RiteAid, and Cotton Mouth, resulted in causing an acidic pH in the mouth. Dentin tooth loss is associated with high titratable acidity and low pH. Salese was the clear exception that did not cause an acidic condition in the mouth.

See the full report:
Potential Erosive Assessment of Dry Mouth Lozenges and Tablets on Dentin

Why Sustained
Release Technology is Better

While the ingredients of conventional toothpastes, mouthwash, chewing gums or mints are washed away within minutes, our oral hygiene lozenges slowly dissolve, continuously releasing ingredients over a prolonged period of time.

Studies show that this directly translates into a more efficient and effective delivery of a wide range of ingredients, resulting in oral hygiene benefits for you.

Dentiva Fights
Bad Breath For Hours

The bacteria which live in everybody’s mouth love to eat the same foods and snacks which we do. Some of these bacteria produce volatile sulfur compounds and these can cause bad breath.

Another consideration is that people with persistent dry mouth problems can also suffer from bad breath, or halitosis. When your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva which naturally [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

and constantly washes away bacteria and food particles, bad breath can occur.

Our lozenges are longer lasting than others because they are made with a new Sustained Release technology (SuRe®). The natural ingredients captures and eliminate volatile sulfur compounds and kills plaque bacteria which generates bad breath and other oral health problems. The lozenges provide longer lasting protection from bad breath/halitosis than other products such as mouthwash or breath mints. As an added benefit, the lozenges also provide ingredients to neutralize acids causing cavities and calcium to help remineralize teeth. Both Salese for dry mouth and Dentiva for bad breath and oral hygiene contain these beneficial substances.


Salese: The Best
Remedy for Dry Mouth

Our product, Salese, contains a natural moisturizing substance which holds onto moisture for your mouth. This gives your mouth a moist feel, offering lubrication and relief from dry mouth for hours.

Our SuRe® Technology used to make the lozenges allows our lozenges to last a long time, unlike sugarless candy lozenges. The lozenges constantly release the moisturizing ingredient [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

to provide the extended feeling of moisture and lubrication. For many people, two or three lozenges are sufficient to last the entire day. Other OTC or over the counter dry mouth remedies won’t do this.

In addition to relief from dry mouth, Salese also offers oral hygiene benefits: kills plaque bacteria, neutralizes cavity causing acids, eliminates sulfur compounds causing bad breath, and helps remineralized teeth. People with dry mouth tend to have more oral health problems because they lack the saliva to wash away the bacteria causing the problems.


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