A staggering 92% of all adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have signs of dental decay/cavities in at least one tooth. Surprisingly families with higher income and education have a higher rate of dental decay.
It is well established that lifestyle choices such as the type of food and drinks we consume contribute to dental decay, but it also suggests that dental decay is avoidable by making the right choices.

Tips to Avoid Tooth Decay

Food and Beverages
Food and drinks that are consumed for a prolonged period of time between meals can tip the balance between acidic pH and saliva in favor of the acids. The acid attack essentially becomes too much for saliva to control. This is especially true when consuming sugary, sticky foods and sweetened drinks.

Certain bacteria, the ones that are better at consuming sugars and starches, are more likely to cause dental decay. Bacteria called streptococci mutans and lactobacillus are two types of these bacteria. We all have some level of these bacteria in our mouth, but when we do not control them with regular brushing and flossing or allow them to consume starchy and sugary food and drinks they will cause dental decay and cavities. This is especially true for people suffering from dry mouth (Xerostomia).

General State of Oral Health
Your general state of oral health is critical in preventing dental decay and cavities. Saliva is the body’s natural way to maintain overall oral health. Saliva washes away bacteria, balances oral pH at neutral levels and re-mineralizes lost tooth enamel. When certain medications or treatments result in dry mouth (a reduced production of saliva) the stage is set for dental decay to progress to cause cavities.

In general, the best way avoid dental decay and cavities is to follow a recommended oral hygiene routine while staying away from starchy and sugary food and drinks especially between meals.

What Causes Tooth Decay and Cavities

Tooth decay and cavities are generally the result of the breakdown or demineralization of the tooth surface. Each time we eat, the pH of your mouth becomes acidic resulting in an acid attack on the tooth enamel. Your body’s way of fighting this attack is saliva. Saliva neutralizes acidic pH and rebuilds tooth enamel with calcium and phosphate in a process called re-mineralization. But saliva can only help to an extent.

Dentiva Maintains Good Oral Health

To support your overall oral health use Dentiva. Dentiva contains Xylitol which has been shown to help prevent cavities. In addition, ingredients in Dentiva balance the oral pH at a neutral level to prevent cavities and aid in the re-mineralization of tooth enamel.

Salese Can Help if You are Suffering from Dry Mouth

If you are at an increased risk of developing dental decay, particularly from dry mouth inducing medications, Salese may help. The ingredients in Salese provide a moist and comfortable mouth feel and have been shown to balance oral pH at healthy levels, to fight bacteria and to re-mineralize lost tooth enamel.

Also, do not forget to follow a proper oral hygiene routine including twice-daily tooth brushing and daily flossing to remove food particles, plaque and bacteria.