Best Breath Mint Lozenge with Complete Oral Hygiene!

Fresh Breath for Hours

New Patented Longest Lasting Lozenge Technology


Dentist Recommended for Longest Lasting Fresh Breath and Oral Hygiene

Continuously Captures and Eliminates Odor Causing Sulfur Compounds


  • Xylitol and peppermint to kill more bacteria longer
  • Bicarbonate to neutralize cavity causing acids
  • Zinc to capture odor causing sulfur compounds
  • Calcium to help re-mineralize tooth enamel

Only Breath Freshening Lozenge with Odor Capturing Technology

Patented Sustained Release Technology (SuRe®) Developed by Scientists and Dentists

Dentiva is a soft long lasting mint lozenge which continuously releases odor capturing and oral hygiene enhancing ingredients for an hour or longer in the mouth. This ensures a fresh odor free mouth for the longest time and provides optimal time to ensure reduction of bacteria in the mouth and neutralization of acids from bacteria which causes tooth decay. Dentiva was developed by scientists who are experts in sustained release technology. They worked with dentists who are experts in oral hygiene and treating bad breath.

As you move the lozenge around in the mouth, it slowly dissolves to release a number of natural active ingredients. The technology allows the incorporation of multiple ingredients to give a complete breath freshening and oral hygiene experience. Other mints mask odors with peppermint; Dentiva has peppermint, but uses ingredient to capture and eliminate odor causing sulfur compounds. Dentiva’s continuous release of xylitol provides optimal reduction of bacteria; a xylitol candy lozenge gives a single dose of xylitol which is then ingested and thus not available for inhibiting bacterial growth. Peppermint is antibacterial, but only in sufficient amounts; only Dentiva provides this benefit. Bacteria secretes acids which causes cavities; only Dentiva provides an acid neutralizing natural ingredient. Only Dentiva provides added calcium for re-mineralizing tooth enamel.

If one has dry mouth, the makers of Dentiva also makes Salese, a lozenge with the same ingredients as Dentiva except Salese also contains an ingredient for creating the moist feel in the mouth. Click here to go to the Salese website.