Why Our Technology is Better

About SuRe Technology

Nuvora has developed the patented Sustained Release (SuRe®) Technology for making lozenges for release of ingredients into the oral cavity. Conventional oral care systems (paste, rinse, lozenges, etc.) deliver active ingredients for a short period of time, ranging from 30 seconds for rinse products to approximately 2 minutes for paste or 5-10 minutes for lozenges. These short residence times in the mouth are insufficient for adequate treatment of oral problems.

Using the Nuvora technology, 2 products have been developed: Salese for dry mouth, and Dentiva for oral care.


Nuvora has developed the patented Sustained Release (SuRe® Technology) lozenge that can be formulated to last 30 minutes to an hour or longer vs 5 -10 minutes for conventional lozenges, allowing sustained and consistent delivery of active ingredients in the oral cavity. Specifically, this technology is a matrix constructed of a cellulose polymer, essential oils and active ingredients. All base ingredients are registered food products and are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).


The resulting product takes the form of a small, soft lozenge which holds the active ingredients uniformly distributed throughout the lozenge. The dissolution of the lozenge works via a process of slow erosion to delivers an even and continuous stream of active ingredients for the life of lozenge. Thus, a lozenge formulated to last for an hour will continuously release a constant amount of active ingredients for that period of time while maintaining the same pleasant flavor for the entire period.

The Advantages of the SuRe® Technology are as Follows:
  • Continuous bathing of oral tissues (e.g., gums) with active ingredients for an extended time. If an ingredient is in the mouth for a short period of time and the purpose of the ingredients is for treating the oral tissues, then there is insufficient time for the ingredients to do their job.
  • Consistent release of ingredients. SuRe® technology delivers a gradual, uniform stream of active ingredients which remains constant throughout use of the product. Thus, the lozenge, if designed to last 30 minutes, will taste exactly the same at 30 minutes as it did when the lozenge was put in the mouth.
  • Continuous and consistent release of ingredients results in greater efficacy. One gives the right amount of ingredients for the correct amount of time. Thus, there is no need to give a large amount of any ingredient in the hope that some of it will work before being swallowed. Most other products (medicated candies, etc.) release a large amount of ingredients into the mouth, most of which is ingested and does not get into the oral tissues due to short residence time in the mouth.
  • Multiple ingredients can be incorporated into the lozenge. This results in the ability to handle multiple oral hygiene problems simultaneously.
    • For Dentiva, this means the ability to lower bacterial levels, capture and eliminate bad breath odors, neutralize cavity causing acids, and remineralize the teeth using ingredients specific for each task. The result in a multi-purpose oral hygiene product.
    • For Salese, Nuvora added an ingredient to create the moist mouth feel for relief of dry mouth and also added the ingredients in Dentiva for oral hygiene (reduce bacterial levels, eliminate breath odors, neutralize acids).

SuRe vs. Conventional Delivery Technologies


Demonstrated key technology benefits

Sustained release of actives achieves higher bacteria kill rate when compared to the leading anti-bacterial rinse.
Post treatment SuRe technology maintained higher bacteria kill rate while the rinse treated leg returned to pre treatment levels.
SuRe technology achieved higher bacteria kill rate with a substantially lower dosage of actives:

0.5g SuRe lozenge (essential oils, xylitol)
20ml anti-bacterial rinse (essential oils, alcohol)