Leadership at Nuvora

Leaders in Transforming Oral Care



Jerry Gin – Founder

Jerry is a serial entrepreneur who brings 40 years of experience in the health care, pharmaceutical and biotech field to Nuvora. He is a co-founder of Nuvora and also oversees the development of new applications for Nuvora’s technology platform. Prior to starting Nuvora, Jerry was co-founder/CEO of Oculex Pharmaceuticals and co-founder/Executive VP of ChemTrak as well as a director at Syva/Syntex Pharmaceuticals and Dow Chemical.


Ben Ross – Founder

Ben brings 30 years of operations, manufacturing and product development experience to Nuvora. He is co-founder of Nuvora and oversees the company’s product development and manufacturing operations. Before starting Nuvora, Ben was VP of Operations at Oculex Pharmaceuticals. Prior to Oculex, Ben held positions overseeing operations and manufacturing at Monoclonal Antibodies, Biotrack, Abaxis and Syva/Syntex Pharmaceuticals.


Bolko Stolberg – Founding Partner

Bolko brings 25 years of business management experience in consumer goods and health care fields to Nuvora. Since joining the company, Bolko has overseen all strategic and commercialization efforts for Nuvora’s product line. Prior to joining Nuvora, Bolko was VP of Marketing & Business Strategy at Avicena Group and has held various international senior leadership positions at Gillette and Procter & Gamble.